Hymn text by Julius Schubring; adapted from the Psalms, 1806-1889. View the full text of this hymn.

Often, when we are called on or asked to do something by priesthood leaders, or when we receive personal inspiration, the task seems extremely difficult. When I was called as a Relief Society president for a YSA branch, I was sure that I didn’t have the proper disposition or interpersonal skills to do any good in such a position. However, when I let go of my own insecurities and focused on doing the work of the Lord, I felt Him work within me and give me the necessary tools to serve His daughters.

The Lord can take on concerns for physical needs as well. In Doctrine and Covenants Section 84, several men are told through revelation that they are to leave on missions without bringing money, food, or even extra clothing. They are told to not even think about these things, but to have faith that the Lord will provide everything they need.

Even when we feel inspired, it can be scary to let go of our worries when we are doing something like looking for a job, making a big move, or even preparing for a big test. However, that is exactly what we are counseled to do. Let go of your concerns, give them to the Lord, and “he shall sustain thee.”

This hymn also assures that “He is at thy right hand.” I found this interesting, as most talk of being on the right hand is in reference to Christ’s position in relation to Heavenly Father. At least, that’s what I think of the most. I was curious as to what it meant when the Lord was the one on our right hand. What I found is that we can find the Lord on our right hand when he is providing protection and aid, as in Isaiah 41:13.

The last couple of lines implore,

Let none be made ashamed

That wait upon thee

As we wait upon, or serve, the Lord, we will also be protected from shame. We should never be ashamed of serving God, but that’s not what these lyrics say. They say that whoever serves Him should never be ashamed at all. When you are following God’s will, serving Him, and have His protection at your right hand, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Whether currently in the throes of deep tribulation or preparing to take on a task that seems Herculean in measure, we don’t need to fear or worry. We can give all those feelings that hold us back to God, and He will take care of our needs, protect us from harm, and help us feel confident in our endeavors.

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