Hymn text by Folliott S. Pierpoint, 1835-1917. View the full text of this hymn.

In the Primary class that I teach, we always start out by allowing a few minutes for the children to answer a question about themselves. It usually leads into the lesson, but sometimes just provides an outlet so that they won’t feel as strong a need to interrupt the lesson to talk about their escapades of the day before.

This last Sunday, the time of year being what it is, I asked the children to say something they were grateful for, and to explain why they were grateful for it. Each of them had very good answers, mostly family members who take care of or play with them. There was little to no hesitation, no having to pass and take time to think about it, no moping that there was nothing for which they were grateful.

As adults, I think we are much more likely to forget how important and simple it is to show gratitude. If we are having a particularly bad day, or week, or month, we can feel like we have nothing. “Count your blessings!” we are so often told. But what if we are so down that we have trouble thinking of enough blessings to count? That’s where today’s hymn can be a blessing in itself.

This hymn is three verses of lists of gifts that Heavenly Father has given us, without our asking, before we even knew how much we wanted and needed them. His beautiful creations that are all around us, the time we have here on Earth, our families, love, and the joy of love. What can be more joyous than love?

Let us be like little children and be quick to remember the things that make us grateful. But if you’re having trouble, sing this “hymn of grateful praise” to give you a jump start. Once the list has been started, I testify that it will become much easier to continue.

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