Hymn text by John Taylor, 1808-1887. View the full text of this hymn.

Go, ye messengers of glory;
Run, ye legates of the skies.
Go and tell the pleasing story
That a glorious angel flies,
Great and mighty, great and mighty,
With a message from the skies.

This is another hymn of the restoration and the gospel coming forth, but it’s interesting to note that the lyrics were penned by, yes, that John Taylor, third president of the Church. This is a man who was present for many of the key events of the restoration, and who heard the prophet Joseph Smith relate his experiences firsthand. He didn’t personally see the angel Moroni (that I’m aware of), but he heard Joseph tell what it was like to see that mighty angel fly. He heard or saw it all unfold, and as an Apostle, it was his mission to spread that message throughout the world.

As I’ve written in this space before, that’s our mission, too. We are the messengers of glory. Certainly angels are going abroad and spreading the “pleasing story” of the restoration, but the lion’s share of that task falls to us. We share the gospel story with our friends, our family, our neighbors, our co-workers, and everyone else we come in contact with. “Go to ev’ry tribe and nation,” President Taylor urges us, “visit ev’ry land and clime.” That’s not to say that each of us is tasked with visiting every nation and calling every single person to repentance, but it is to say that every single person needs to hear the good news. I don’t have the means to reach every single person in the world. I don’t even have the means to reach every single person in my hometown, and there’s only 11,000 of us here. But I do have the means to reach people that you don’t have access to, and you have the means to reach people I can’t. Together, we can bridge that gap.

“Let the joyful news abound… till ev’ry nation hear you,” we sing, and that’s a testament to both the magnitude of our task and the time that it will take to achieve it. We probably won’t be able to reach everyone the first time we share the news. We probably won’t be able to reach everyone the fiftieth time we share the news. That’s true no matter how many people are telling the gospel story at the same time. But we keep sharing, we keep telling everyone who will listen, and someday, we will have shared the message enough times and through enough people that every nation and every citizen will have heard the good news. That’s not to say that every single person who hears it will accept it. That’s not for us to decide. Our job is to share the glad tidings, let others decide what they may.

“Go! Jehovah will support you,” we are reminded in the fourth verse. “Gather all the sheaves of worth. Then with Jesus reign in glory on the earth.” We know the end goal of our work. We know that the Lord will support us in His mission. He wants every single person to come unto Him, and He wants us to help bring everyone to Him. We cast in our nets, we spread the seed far and wide, and we trust that He will bless our efforts and help us bring in souls. And we know that as we do so, we bring ourselves nearer to Him, and know that we can have a place in His kingdom in the end. We are the messengers of glory we sing about. There’s a great work to do, but there’s Someone great supporting us in that work, and there’s a great reward in store if we put our whole souls into it.

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