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kim-berkey Kim Berkey is a stay-at-home mom of twin toddlers who reads scripture in between tantrums and diaper changes. She completed her B.A. in Ancient Near East Studies from Brigham Young University in 2011, and plans to pursue graduate work in theology once her children are old enough to go to the bathroom by themselves. See all posts →
jen-headshot_150 Jen Bosen is a full-time mother to two marvelous girls. She dabbles in baking, belly dancing, photography, and making her fixer-upper home a little less ugly. She and her family live in Chandler, AZ. You can read more from Jen on her blog, Nothing Can Come of Nothing. See all posts →
celeste-bowers Celeste Bowers has a B.A. in English Education from CSU, Fresno. She taught high school for three years before becoming a full-time mommy. One of her favorite childhood memories is sitting by her mom at the piano, singing church songs. See all posts →
bencrowder Ben Crowder is a nerd. By day, he plays at being a web designer at the BYU library. He founded the magazine Mormon Artist and the Mormon Texts Project. He’s happily married with two lovely daughters.
BJ-small BJ Homer develops apps for the Mac and iOS platforms. When not on his computer, he enjoys playing strategic board games, reading fantasy novels, and creating impromptu hymn arrangements on the piano. He lives in Lehi, UT with his wife and two daughters. See all posts →
lydia Lydia Johnston is a portrait and lifestyle photographer in Mesa, AZ. Her favorite things are Zumba, the beach, adventures of any kind, building blanket forts with her son, and watching Pushing Daisies with her husband. You can see more of her work at Photography Hill.
brooke Brooke Lamoreaux studied philosophy formally and the Atonement informally while attending Arizona State. She spends much of her time writing, knitting, working a day job, and hanging out with her husband. She used to dream of being a famous rock star or veterinarian, and now happily pursues her dream of being a wise, capable woman, and an ardent disciple of Christ. See all posts →
Sam Orme Sam Orme grew up in a musical family and figured he’d better love music too if he wanted to keep up. He lives in Nashville with his wife and daughter and makes a living selling steel to Nissan. If you’d like some, stop on by when you’re in the area. See all posts →
sm_headshot_11-23-12 Roger Pimentel is a product marketing manager at one of the world’s largest technology companies. He is a ward mission leader and previously worked on the “I’m a Mormon” campaign. He lives in Seattle with his wife and three boys. See all posts →
krista-stockton Krista Stockton gets panicky about singing in public, but discussing hymns is right up her alley. Unlike the other Beesley contributors, she has neither spouse nor child. She teaches high school English in Tucson, AZ, which keeps her both happy and busy. See all posts →
laurie-stradling Laurie Stradling grew up in a hymn-singing family. She continually astounds her husband with her recall of obscure LDS hymn texts. When not singing hymns, she mothers two babies, writes a little and cooks a lot. See all posts →
Jessica Valentine Jessica Valentine is probably the last person you should pick to play a hymn on the piano, but she will gladly sing them at the top of her lungs (and frequently does). She recently transitioned into the role of mother after having spent the last several years teaching junior high English and math. When her son allows it, she enjoys cooking, crafting, running, and painting. See all posts →